Photo by: E79 Photography
Photo by: E79 Photography

Ski & Snowboard

“WE” hosts a MAXXTRACKS ISB2000 snow sports simulator. The advanced rolling “carpet”, the mirror in front of the users and the ease of communication between them and the operator/coach are just some of the tools safeguarding great effectiveness in learning and development and also, technical refinement. As this is a system in operation all-year round, benefits for users are multiplied. Going to the resorts will be much more enjoyable and efficient from now on!

In countries such as The Netherlands (where the simulator is designed and produced), simulation in snow sports has a continuous presence for the last 20 years, justifying its value in learning “from scratch” but also in practicing and development of athletes of such sports. Nowadays, all over the world (from Australia to Canada), snow sports simulation centers are being created, offering to a wide population range the opportunity to get acquainted with but also to improve in this exceptional activity, proven to be very beneficial for health and life style.

Special “packages” have been designed for specific groups while offers will be regularly announced!



The use of the boulder-type climbing wall is hourly based and includes a free soft drink or coffee at the bar.

The boulder can satisfy people of different ability levels, ranging from novices to advanced climbers. Additional focus is given to promote climbing, especially to children, with activities and routes exclusively designed for them.

Users can rent special climbing shoes – in very affordable prices – inside the facility or bring their own.

Special “packages” can be adapted for academies, schools, associations etc.


Retail – Rent – Repair store “WE snow how”

A dedicated store & workshop for winter sports products and equipment. One can either purchase carefully selected products or rent ski & snowboard equipment for the season. Additionally, our maintenance specialists can tune your equipment and guarantee maximum effectiveness! Nowhere else in Greece boots can be tried out on skis before buying them (the simulator provides for that!). We aspire to create a one-stop-shop for everything winter sports!

Last but not least, other goodies can be found there such as circus – related and climbing products.

Aerials Arts

Aerials are popular and impressive, but also a fundamental circus-related art. Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks and Aerial Rope are some of the arts presented by experienced artists of the “Kirko” collective. Aerial artistic expression is addressed to all ages while there have been several groups created both for novices and advanced. Moreover, groups for children (6 y.o plus) will be created so that this – rare, for Greek standards – art becomes wide-spread.


“Kirko” coordinates and organizes activities aiming at giving the opportunity to children and adults to get acquainted with the “secrets” of artistic circus. Well-experienced circus and street theatre artists help them practise and discover the magic of circus.

Children and adults can “experiment” in mixed circus techniques like hula hoop, juggling and also in balancing techniques such as stilt walking, unicycle, Rolla Bolla etc. Participation in any of the above doesn’t require a special physical condition or ability.

Inline Skating

In the heart of Thessaloniki, WE hosts a brand new roller rink! Here you
can feel the rhythm, movement and freedom of inline skating!

The site is free of charge for those using their own equipment, while
renting the necessary equipment is also possible for those who would like
to try out this activity.

Furthermore, every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00, organized courses areconducted safely for children, beginners and advanced.

Bmx & Skate & Longboard

“WE” can host skate, longboard and BMX events with safety and efficacy. Be it competitions, shows, demos, workshops and the like, the existing facilities can guarantee enjoyment for everyone.

Parties for children

“WE” can host a party for your children and their friends, offering a range of activities related to sports, arts and entertainment. Considering, above all, safety and quality entertainment, a basic 3-hours programme has been designed, with the possibility to enhance it with additional activities.