Photo by: Katerina Botzori

One of the basic operation principles of “WE”, is the collaboration and synergy with groups/institutions/collectivities of the city, hoping that it will lead a social, entrepreneurial experiment where strategic directions will be co-decided through regular meetings and consensual decision making processes.

“WE” is already in cooperation with the following entities:

  • Kids in Action: An NGO active in the field of creative engagement of children, urban landscape and the promotion of non-formal learning activities and their
  • Kirko: a new social enterprise aiming at the promotion of circus arts, aerial acrobatics and street theatre.
  • Exostis: a free press which was became alive already in the 80’s. Nowadays, is one of the most active information portals for cultural activities in the city of Thessaloniki. Find out more at:
  • DESTV: a collective of young cinematographers and musicians, active in audio-visual arts. More info at: